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  • 3 Cases of 18 BOXES - 40mm Ignite Coals
    3 Cases of 18 BOXES - 40mm Ignite Coals LOG IN..
    Ex Tax: $810.00 $810.00
  • 3 Cases of 72 Coco Nara 20 pc. Boxes
    . LOG IN..
    Ex Tax: $432.00 $432.00
  • Al Fakher 1000g Tub
    1000g (1 Kilo) Tub of Al Fakher Shisha Tobacco Selling out of certain Al Fakher flavors too quickly? Time to go big or go home! Pick up the best selling flavors of Al Fakher Shisha tobacco to make sure you never run out again! No customer likes to hear "sorry, we're all out," after all!..
    Ex Tax: $0.00 $0.00
  • Al Fakher Large Solid Hookah
    Manufactured in the United Arab Emirates, the Al Fakher Large Solid hookah is a statuesque powerhouse. Standing and impressive 37" and featuring AF's unique double tray design, the Large Solid hookah demands respect. The royal blue glass hookah base with gold striping and the AF logo, and the gold a..
    Ex Tax: $0.00 $0.00
  • Al Tawareg 125g Tin
    Al Tawareg 125g Tin Selling Points: The new packaging is bright, colorful, and alluring. 125 gram tin holds enough tobacco for 6-8 hookah sessions. Al Tawareg Tobacco produces thick, white smoke. Al Tawareg is available in 37 delicious flavors...
    Ex Tax: $0.00 $0.00
  • Al Waha 500g Carton
    Final Close Out! All 500g Cartons Only $12 Until They Run out Regularly Priced at $18 Al Waha shisha is one of the most popular brands of shisha world wide. Made in the Jordan, this traditional Middle Eastern shisha offers a wide range of flavors, smooth smoke and exceptional value that keeps Al Wa..
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