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  • Argus Folding Knife
    Matthew Lerch went beyond the basics with the Argus® folding knife. It's a spring assisted knife that includes our patented Outburst® assisted opening mechanism in tandem with our Fire Safe® mechanism to prevent the knife from firing in your pocket. Open the knife by pressing down and out on the th..
    Ex Tax: $91.40 $91.40
  • Art Deco Folding Knife
    Ken Steigerwalt's latest series of gentleman's folding knives feel at home next to your favorite money clip. But they really show their worth when it's time to cut something. The Art Deco Folding Knife opens with a nail nick and includes a non-locking slip joint style lock. Like you, it's ready whe..
    Ex Tax: $70.30 $70.30
  • Bivy - Designed by Hans Florine
    You can take that bivouac on with one hand. The Bivy riggers multi-tool has an easy single-handed operation for when your other one is busy with rigging or holding yourself in place during an emergency. Hans Florine of Lafayette, CA designed the Bivy. A world-record holding speed climber and rigg..
    Ex Tax: $82.03 $82.03
  • Carson M16 EDC with Titanium Handle
    The handles, which form the open-build frame, are CNC machined from 6AL4V titanium. The result is a better strength-to-weight ratio than steel or aluminum, and an almost indestructible frame. The titanium frame is minimally ceramic bead-blast finished to enhance grip. The single 420J2 stainless ste..
    Ex Tax: $114.00 $114.00
  • Carson M16 Special Forces with G-10 Handle
    Blade, frame and hardware are non-reflective tactical black. Blades receive black titanium nitride coating for maximum corrosion resistance. Kit's trademark dual checkered thumb studs are standard. On all models, one-hand opening and closing is quick and smooth. Features a 3.50" dual grind Tanto b..
    Ex Tax: $95.00 $95.00
  • Carson M21 G-10 Handle - Plain Edge
    This series features an InterFrame build with stainless steel liners and G10 scales. There are many reasons custom knifemakers choose this build in preference to aluminum or even titanium scales. First, the aggressive G10 texture gives unparalleled grip. Second, it is very strong. Third, it is lig..
    Ex Tax: $95.00 $95.00