Spy Cameras

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  • 16 GB MicroSD Card
    16GB MicroSD Card..
    Ex Tax: $29.04 $29.04
  • 2.4 Ghz Single Wireless Camera
    This 2.4 Ghz receiver comes with a power supply, and the Wireless COLOR Camera with the American Made Omnivision CMOS Chip. The camera has a 2.4 Ghz transmitter, power supply, and a 9-volt battery connector so you can use it virtually anywhere. This is a perfect camera to add to a single 1.2 Ghz..
    Ex Tax: $82.50 $82.50
  • 4 Camera 500 GB DVR
    - Creates an Evidence Chain for Prosecution - Continuously Records for a Month on Average! - H.264 Video Compression gives you optimum compression and internet viewability - Intelligent Pentaplex Surveillance System which means you can watch, record, and stream over the web all at once - Smart ..
    Ex Tax: $138.00 $138.00
  • 420TVL CMOS Bullet Camera
    Indoor/Outdoor camera 3.6mm CMOS camera with BNC video source. Easy to setup!..
    Ex Tax: $56.25 $56.25
  • Camera Pack Combo
    You get 4 of these indoor/outdoor night vision cameras with brackets, mounts, and power supplies. Add a camera pack to any DVR or USBDVR and you'll have everything you need to start monitoring. To start recording on your system just add a hard drive. Each system comes with cameras, cable for..
    Ex Tax: $126.00 $126.00
  • Car Alarm Remote Keychain DVR Camera
    Conduct Your Own Sting Operation! Somebody Ripping You Off? Spouse Cheating? Employees Stealing? Insurance Scams? Need Hard Evidence? Small and inconspicuous, the Car Alarm Remote Keychain DVR Camera is for you. You can carry it with you, so your always ready to record. Set it o..
    Ex Tax: $28.50 $28.50