Hookah Hoses

Choose from a variety of different hookah hoses, including Nammor Hoses, Washable Hoses and Traditional Hoses. Not sure which is right for you? Find out the difference between washable hoses, and standard hookah hoses.
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  • Aluminum D-Hose Dream Hookah Hose
    The D-Hose Aluminum Handle Dream Hookah HoseThe Aluminum Dream Hose is a modern advancement in the world of hookah hoses, utilizes space age aluminum technology in tandem with surgical-grade tubing to form one of the most durable, Ghosting-resistant hoses ever seen. The super-durable tubing material..
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  • Ba Barkir Hose
    This is mod style hose with a distinct handle piece that grabs attention.  The hose measure 72" in length...
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  • Clear LD Nammor Hookah Hoses
    SAVE 50% WHEN YOU BUY 20 PACKS PAY ONLY $7 PER HOSE MSRP $22.99 Clear Nammor Hoses are available in bulk for hookah lounges and retailers looking for the absolute best deal in large washable hoses. This clear handle hookah hose allows hookah smokers to see the smoke as it travels through the handle..
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  • D-Hose 2.0 Hookah Hose Hybrid
    What's New the D-Hose 2.0 Hybrid?The Dream Hose 2.0 Hyrbrid edition takes the high standard of the Dream Hose to an all new high!  The D-hose 2.0 combines a 60 inch silicon hose with a 12 inch aluminum handle.  What you get is a 100% washable beast of a hose with unparalleled air flow and high quali..
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  • D-Hose Hookah Hose w/ Glass Handle
    Please click the pictures below for a close up. Glass Handle - Green Glass Handle - Clear Glass Handle - Blue Glass Handle - Pink Glass Handle - Purple Glass Handle - Red The Dream Hose takes the standard hookah hose and charges into the 21st century using all the material advancements available, re..
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  • Deezer Freezable Silicon Hookah Hose
    The Deezer Freezable Hookah Hose Details Deezer's Freezable Hookah Hose is freezing out the competitive new market of high quality medical grade silicon hoses.   The Deezer Freeze Hose is 74" long, making it long enough to casually lounge around your hookah without worrying about the hose pulling do..
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