Glass Replacement Bases

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  • Bohemian Base
    Replacement bases for various hookahs in our Mod Line. Compatible with: Torrent, Ice Torrent, Abyss, Eel, & Crane hookahs...
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  • Dream Base LED Glass Hookah Vase
    The Dream LED Glass Hookah Base is a fun and innovative new product, which adds a LED lighting system to a large hookah base. Measuring 11.5" tall, with a 2" opening, the Dream Base should accept most large hookah shafts. The LED Dream Base is shipped with a rubber stem grommet, and two CR2032 batt..
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  • Egyptian "Genie" Base
    Genie style replacement bases for hookahs in our Egyptian Line.  All bases are hand made and as so the shaft opening diameter varies from base to base.  We recommend ordering a few extra base grommets to ensure a proper fit. Note that base decorations may vary from picture. Small = Nile Hookahs Medi..
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  • Egyptian Base
    Replacement Egyptian Glass BasesThese glass bases are replacements for our Egyptian Hookahs, or other hookahs of similar size (you can play around with grommets to make things work). These bell-style bases are handmade in Egypt and are available in several variations. It's never a bad idea to stock ..
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  • Egyptian Luxor Bases
    Egyptian Luxor Replacement Bases Large Medium Small..
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  • Hubbly Base
    Hubbly Replacement BasesThese are replacement bases for various hookahs in our Mod Line; they are compatible with: Torrent, Ice Torrent, Abyss, Eel, & Crane hookahs. These bases are incredibly large and feature super thick glass, making them very durable, great backups for when the original base sha..
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