Hookah Grommets

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  • All Hose Grommets
    Various styles of hose grommets.  Hose grommets ensure a tight seal between the hookah hose adapter and hose end...
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  • Base Grommets
    Various styles of base grommets. Base grommets ensure a tight seal between the shaft and base. Grommets come in various thicknesses so it's best to order a handful...
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  • Hose Plug
    Rubber plug for sealing unused hose adapters. LOG IN..
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  • hose plug key chain
    Wooden hose plug on a key chain that stores easily. LOG IN..
    Ex Tax: $1.50 $1.50
  • Rotator Hookah Grommet
    Base grommets specifically for Rotator Hookahs. Small grommets fit Comet Hookahs and large grommets fit Lunar and Super Nova Hookahs..
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