Hookah Wind Covers

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  • Metal Top Windcover
    Compact but completely funcitonal wind cover that sits directly on the bowl.  Plastic handle on the side makes for easy handling when the metal is hot. LOG IN..
    Ex Tax: $5.97 $5.97
  • Pagoda Windcover
    Stainless steel wind cover with a pagoda style design to it. LOG IN..
    Ex Tax: $14.97 $14.97
  • Sahara Smoke Hookah Wind Cover
    Sahara Smoke is renowned for its chic, modern product designs that highlight style as well as functionality. Now they have introduced a hookah wind cover that carries on in that tradition. The Sahara Smoke wind cover is smartly designed, with cool lightning bolt-shaped slits that provide excellent a..
    Ex Tax: $0.00 $0.00
  • Taj Windcover
    Curvy, bulbous wind cover available in a variety of metallic colors...
    Ex Tax: $0.00 $0.00
  • Traditional Windcover
    Egyptian Styled wind cover commonly found in the Middle East .  A must have for hookah bars...
    Ex Tax: $0.00 $0.00
  • Turkish Hookah Bowl Lid & Screen
    THIS IS ONLY THE BOWL LID - IT DOES NOT INCLUDE THE BOWL Hookah Bowl Screen, Wind Cover and Coal Carrier all in 1 It also acts as a wind cover that traps the heat over the bowl, and prevents the coals from burning out quickly. Hookah lounge owners can expect their coals to last up to 30 minutes long..
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