Miscellaneous Accessories

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  • Art Hookah Diffuser Beads
    Art Hookah Diffuser Beads take from 1-3 hours to expand to full size and create a colorful base fill thats can act as a diffuser. We love these beads in hookahs with a clear glass base, but they can also work inside any water pipe that needs a little boost of color! Available colors: Black Red Whi..
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  • Ball Bearing
    ball bearings suitable for use in auto-seal hose adapters or in release valves. LOG IN..
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  • Base Protector
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  • Beamer Silicone Diffuser
    Beamer Silicone Hookah Diffuser Diffusers are a great way to make a hookah session whisper quiet and incredibly smooth, but not every diffuser fits every hookah downstem. That is until now! The Beamer Silicone Diffuser provides hookah lovers with a diffuser that will fit on the end of any downstem, ..
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  • Black Diamond Pre-Punched Hookah Foil 50 Pack
    This hookah foil is a quick time saver for any hookah bar. Available in packs of 50, the Black Diamond foil is pre-cut and ready to go.  Simply pull a sheet from the pack, wrap the top of the bowl and you are ready for the coals. No more searching for pins, needles or toothpicks. No more uneven heat..
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  • Bowl Screen
    A popular accessory that can be conveniently be used in place of aluminum foil to keep the coals from coming in direct contact with the shisha. LOG IN..
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