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  • Banana Hammock - RnR Vapors
    Banana Hammock - RnR Vapors   MOQ: Must spend $1k on RNR Vapors Products *First order only*   MSRP: 30ml- $22+   Banana Hammock takes the cupcake floods with it tons of delicious ripe banana flavor and then makes its fluffy by adding a creamy vanilla combination on top. When we say rich in banana th..
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  • BC - Stryker Juices
    BC - Stryker Juices   MOQ: Must spend $1k on RNR Vapors Products *First order only*   MSRP: $22+  *Formerly known as Belgian Crunch*  Delicious gingerbread cookie plied with rich white Belgian white chocolate to create a sweet but smooth dessert powerhouse. Indulge in this amazing rich with flavor e..
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  • Birthday Cake - Kilo Black Series E Liquid
    Birthday Cake - Kilo Black Series E Liquid Wholesale   Celebrate every day as if it's your birthday! We took the classic yellow cake layered with a smooth creamy frosting then topped it with rainbow sprinkles.   Primary Flavors: Cake, Sprinkles, Icing..
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  • Blue Velvet - Cake Vapors
    Blue Velvet - Cake Vapors   MSRP: 30ml- $22+   Red Velvet goes blue! A true spin on on the classic red velvet cake, blue velvet combines rich cake with blueberry and coconut. Cake Vapors delivered a home run with this amazing interpretation of a cake classic.   Primary Flavors: Coconut, Blueberry, C..
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  • Blueberry Cheesecake - Elite E-Juice
    Blueberry Cheesecake - Elite E-Juice   Sweet fresh blueberries beautifully blended with the rich smooth cheesecake we've all come to love!   Primary Flavors: Blueberry, Cheesecake, Graham Crust, Whipped Cream   PG/VG: 20/80..
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  • Bundthead - Dripboy
    Bundthead - Dripboy   MRSP: 50ml - $21+   Bundthead is the latest entry from Dripboy- featuring a cake profile with lemon zest hints and a smooth layer of icing. Bundt cake finally arrives in a divine e liquid that will dazzle your senses and fulfill your need for a piece of cake. Enjoy all the cak..
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