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  • Apple Banger E Juice - Deadmodz
    Apple Banger E Juice - Deadmodz Wholesale   All new Apple Banger is a vapors tasty favorite sensation, deadmodz crafted this baked apple cinnamon muffin that's banged out with light brown sugar vanilla custard icing on the exhale. Deadmodz was founded in Southern California, hand-crafted in the USA ..
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  • Bordello - Vaping Lust
    Bordello - Vaping Lust Wholesale   Breakfast, brunch, or brinner. Bordello covers you all day long with a blueberry waffle dressed in custard and maple syrup. Be the envy of your toaster and your fellow vapers with this amazing vape liquid.   Primary Flavors: Waffle, Maple, Custard, Blueberry   PG/V..
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  • Brass Tax - Gonzo Vapors
    Brass Tax - Gonzo Vapors   MRSP: 30ml - $21+   Product Description:  A delicious fresh apple drowned in a light vanilla custard base and dressed up in caramel. Tasty and sweet to the last drop.   Primary Flavors: Vanilla, Custard, Caramel, Apple   PG/VG: 40/60..
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  • Butter Trap E Juice - Deadmodz
    Butter Trap E Juice - Deadmodz Wholesale   Butter Trap a cultivated brown sugar buttery e juice flavor that's a decadent desert crafted with creamy cheesecake and a hint of butter, Butter Trap e Juice by Deadmodz is a perfect desert custard flavor that has been blended to perfection. Deadmodz was fo..
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  • Caramel Milk - California Vaping Company
    Caramel Milk - California Vaping Company Wholesale   Worth changing your cotton for. Be prepared for a decadent dose of creamy caramel milk with hints of custard.   Primary Flavors: Caramel, Milk, Custard   PG/VG: 40/60..
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  • Cheesecake and Chill - Klash Vapor
    Cheesecake and Chill - Klash Vapor Wholesale   Imagine coming home from a rough day and indulging in a mouthwatering New York style cheesecake, blended perfectly with a hint of key lime, topped off with bits of graham crust. Who knows what Cheesecake and Chill can lead to...   Primary Flavors: Chee..
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