Cake Vapors

Cake Vapors Wholesale A reason to celebrate any and all occasions. Cake Vapors brings us a little closer to having cake minus the candles and signing. Delicious flavors with full bodied clouds that will satisfy your need for cake.
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  • Blue Velvet - Cake Vapors
    Blue Velvet - Cake Vapors   MSRP: 30ml- $22+   Red Velvet goes blue! A true spin on on the classic red velvet cake, blue velvet combines rich cake with blueberry and coconut. Cake Vapors delivered a home run with this amazing interpretation of a cake classic.   Primary Flavors: Coconut, Blueberry, C..
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  • Nana Tres Leches - Cake Vapors Wholesale   Triple soaked cake with all of the candied and caramelized goodness you'd expect from a tres leches cake. Now as if that wasn't delicious enough they topped off the cake with banana slices for the perfect rounding up of the perfect dessert vape.   Primary F..
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  • Shortcake - Cake Vapors
    Shortcake - Cake Vapors   MSRP: 30ml- $22+   Product Description: Biscuit dough baked to perfection with a strawberry filling that tastes exactly like the real thing. Shortcake finally arrives in a perfect replica that makes you forget all about the kitchen and helps you bring the cookie jar along e..
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  • Tiramisu - Cake Vapors
    Tiramisu - Cake Vapors   MSRP: 30ml- $22+   Product Description: Rum, chocolate, coffee all mixed into a sponge cake base to bring you a perfect replica of the real thing that will turn every puff of your vape into a mini escape. Viva Italia!   Primary Flavors: Cake, Chocolate, Coffee, Rum    PG/VG:..
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