Clown Premium Liquids

Clown Premium Liquids Wholesale Clown Premium Liquids is a ticket to a circus of flavors that put on a great performance with a lasting memory that won't soon leave you. From candies to yogurt you get  pa bit of everything with this premium brand of vape juice.
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  • Laffy - Clown Premium Liquids
    Laffy - Clown Premium Liquids   MSRP: 30ml- $20+ 120ml- $65+   Laffy delivers a taffy like flavors dressed in blueberry and grape, a vape that endures and gets better as you vape more and more of it. Laffy will become a favorite of anyone who enjoys a candy vape.   Primary Flavors: Candy, Blueberry,..
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  • Pennywise - Clown Premium Liquids
    Pennywise - Clown Premium Liquids   MSRP: 30ml- $20+ 120ml- $65+   A gum flavored plied with fruits. The union of watermelon and strawberry arrives to your vape with a bang. Pennywise is just as delicious on the inhale as the exhale, a favorite among the fans of Clown Premium Liquids.   Primary Flav..
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  • Splitz - Clown Premium Liquids
    Splitz - Clown Premium Liquids   MSRP: 30ml- $20+ 120ml- $65+   Splitz offers a creamy custard blended with bananas and topped off with ice cream. Thick and rich flavor that floats in a cloud of delicious intoxication.   Primary Flavors: Banana, Custard, Ice Cream   PG/VG: Max VG..
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  • Sweet Tooth - Clown Premium Liquids
    Sweet Tooth - Clown Premium Liquids   MSRP: 30ml- $20+ 120ml- $65+   Sweet Tooth lives up to its name, a delicious treat that reminds you of trips to the circus. By infusing cotton candy with raspberry Clown Premium Liquids delivers a candy flavor unlike any you've tried before.   Primary Flavors: R..
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  • Twisty - Clown Premium Liquids
    Twisty - Clown Premium Liquids   MSRP: 30ml- $20+ 120ml- $65+   The base for Twisty is a creamy milky yogurt that tastes like it came out of the dairy isle, paired with raspberry you get a top notch creamy and fruity experience that dazzles the taste buds long after you put down your vape.   Primary..
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