Crew Juice

Are you up to making the crew? Enjoy this product line full of complex flavor profiles that bring out the best in your vape setup. This vape liquid line is for those who expect a superior vape experience.
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  • AFC - Crew Juice
    AFC - Crew Juice   MSRP: 30ml $20+   Thank the vape gods! Finally, a cherry liquid that actually tastes like cherry. No Need to be explicit here, the search for that true black berry flavor has officially ended. From now on, all other cherries will just feel artificial.    Primary Flavors: Blackber..
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  • Big Loupes - Crew Juice
    Big Loupes - Crew Juice   MSRP: 30ml $20+   Not your ordinary cereal vape. This juice starts with a nice melody of citrus fruits that are not overpowering. Followed by a wonderful background of a sweet dairy flavor. This juice makes everyone an addict.   Primary Flavors: Citrus, Milk, Cereal, Fruit..
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  • Blue Coco - Crew Juice
    Blue Coco - Crew Juice   MSRP: 30ml $20+   The term opposites attract never meant so much in the vaping world. Two of the most popular vaping flavors have now been combined to create a totally new experience in vaping. You start off with a smooth blueberry taste with a touch of a light coconut flav..
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  • Faded Apple - Crew Juice
    Faded Apple - Crew Juice   MSRP: 30ml $20+   This dessert treat is for the hardcore apple pie lovers out there. We start with red delicious apples baked with a light dusting of cinnamon and brown sugar, topped off with a nice cookie crumb crust. You get all the benefits of a warm apple pie with a s..
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  • Shot C - Crew Juice
    Shot C - Crew Juice   MSRP: 30ml $20+   A truly one of a kind flavor experience that jumps off with the bold citrus taste of grapefruit that cascades eloquently into a sparkly champagne finish. This is the breakfast mimosa you’ve been waiting for.   Primary Flavors: Grapefruit, Champagne   PG/VG: 30..
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  • W’ubblelicious - Crew Juice
    W’ubblelicious - Crew Juice   MSRP: 30ml $20+   Take a leap back into your childhood when you hung out with your friends and your biggest worries were what type of ice cream you were eating after your dinner. The days when you could just buy your favorite pink gum and blow the biggest bubbles. W’ub..
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