Cuttwood Wholesale Cuttwood is one of the best known brands of e liquid in the world because of their quality and consistency. Cuttwood is vaped around the world by vapers who look for unique experiences and only expect the finest liquids for their setups.
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  • Bird Brains - Cuttwood
    Bird Brains - Cuttwood   MSRP: 30ml- $22+   Your vape will thank you for this ejuice, Cuttwood didn't set out to design a replica they set out to improve the original and that's what they did. The way the flavors in this get isolated at time from puff to puff is a bit of a trip, it also vapes diffe..
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  • Boss Reserve - Cuttwood
    Boss Reserve - Cuttwood   MSRP: 30ml- $22+   Ever had a graham cracker and banana sandwich? No, neither had I until I tasted this juice. The banana is almost that of a shake, very creamy and smooth. Sort of an underlying nutty flavor that doesn't stand out too much, a very smooth vape for the fans ..
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  • Monster Melons - Cuttwood
    Monster Melons - Cuttwood   MSRP: 30ml- $22+   Monster Melons is tropical paradise in an ejuice bottle. Balancing mango, cantaloupe, and papaya to create a tasty, but not overbearing, tropical treat in your mouth. Madness is what Cuttwood brewed with this eliquid, absolute madness...
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  • Sugar Bear - Cuttwood
    Sugar Bear - Cuttwood   MSRP: 30ml- $22+   The only kind of bear that doesn't growl and doesn't intimidate. Sugar Bear expertly balances a bakery cinnamon with sweet, milky cream, to create a very all-day-vapable e-juice that will hit those breakfast cereal notes your taste buds crave.    Primary ..
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  • Unicorn Milk - Cuttwood
    Unicorn Milk - Cuttwood   MSRP: 30ml- $22+ Sounds too good to be true right? Well, as a great man once said, you can vape any flavor you can dream up. This magical juice is a blend of Cuttwood’s four signature cream flavors mixed with natural strawberry extract. (No unicorns were harmed in the makin..
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