Doughboys Vaped Goods

Doughboys Vaped Goods Wholesale Doughboys vaped goods is exactly as the name suggests, fans of the doughnut who focus on making ejuice that replicates the experience of consuming a doughnut but in vaping form. While their offerings are slowly growing you can rest assured that each new flavor that is released has been tested over and over again to deliver it's description fully.
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  • Bloobies - Doughboys Vaped Goods
    Bloobies - Doughboys Vaped Goods Wholesale   What happens when perfection happens? The world takes notice, Bloobies serves as a prime example of that. A delicious glazed donut infused with blueberries that will leave you smacking your lips in delight. Primary Flavors: Donut, Glaze, BlueberriesPG/VG ..
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  • Donut Give Up - Doughboys Vaped Goods
    Donut Give Up - Doughboys Vaped Goods Wholesale Our made from scratch recipe starts off when we first melt our sugar for our caramel glaze and doesn't end until ever batch is sprinkled with just enough sea salt to deliver a new style of doughnut Vape like no other. The sea salt provides the absolute..
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  • Glazed-n-Confused - Doughboys Vaped Goods
    Glazed-n-Confused - Doughboys Vaped Goods Wholesale    Chocolate oozing donut lovers rejoice, Doughboys delivered a bar raiser with this. Delicious glazed donut smothered in rich chocolate that will have you wondering why it took so long for someone actually make this.Primary Flavors: Donut, Chocol..
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  • Use Your Coconut - Doughboys Vaped Goods
    Use Your Coconut - Doughboys Vaped Goods Wholesale   Based off a delicious doughnut with toasted coconut in every bite, it starts with freshly shaved then lightly toasted coconut mixed right into the batter, after being baked to perfection a sweet yet subtle coconut frosting is added and finished of..
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