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Fumi Ejuice Wholesale "Fumi" makes people Smile, the brand name sounds like Fun, because it is fun. We draw our inspiration for great E-juice from the heart of Hollywood, California. Here we believe that vaping is magical and wonderful just like a blockbuster film. Fumi is the adventurous brand that entertains the heart and mind of customers world-wide. Just say the word; FUMI and experience the smile it leaves on your face.
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  • Banana Nut Bread - Fumi
    Banana Nut Bread - Fumi   MSRP: 15ml- $7+ 30ml- $13+   A taste of banana nut bread fresh out of the oven, brushed with honey, just enough nut to give it all the perfect body of taste and presence. Primary Flavors: Banana, bread, honey, nuts PG/VG: 50/50..
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  • Beelicious - Fumi
    Beelicious - Fumi   MSRP: 15ml- $7+ 30ml- $13+    You may want to stay away from any trees or forests when you vape this. Fumi gathered the finest agave and honey extracts in the world to create a vape so sweet you may become Bee royalty with one too many puffs.Primary Flavors: Agave, HoneyPG/VG: 5..
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  • Chocolate Mint - Fumi
    Chocolate Mint - Fumi   MSRP: 15ml- $7+ 30ml- $13+   An iceberg ran into a chocolate ship full of mint and gave us FUMI's Chocolate mint. Delicious mint chocolate vape that produces a great after taste as well.Primary Flavors: Chocolate, MintPG/VG: 50/50..
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  • Hawaiian Punch - Fumi
    Hawaiian Punch - Fumi   MSRP: 15ml- $7+ 30ml- $13+   Tropical fruits make this entry by Fumi a hit for those looking for a refreshing and exciting fruity experience. Rich flavors that overlap in a bounty of lip smacking flavors.Primary Flavors: Mixed fruit, Tropical FruitPG/VG: 50/50..
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  • Horchata - Fumi
    Horchata - Fumi   MSRP: 15ml- $7+ 30ml- $13+   Do you Horchata? Well you should, the delicious South American drink has become a hit and Fumi brings it live front and center to your vape.Primary Flavors: Cinnamon, Milk, Rice, SugarPG/VG: 50/50..
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  • Mint Ice - Fumi
    Mint Ice - Fumi   MSRP: 15ml- $7+ 30ml- $13+   A versatile mint menthol flavor that can easily be combined with any other Fumi flavor to create your own mint ice combination of flavors.Primary Flavors: Mint, Menthol PG/VG: 50/50  ..
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