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Gemini Vapors Wholesale Gemini Vapors creates some of the most delicious flavor combinations available in the vape juice category. From tarts to desserts to drink flavored vape juice they've thought of it all. Consistent quality and an eye for interesting pairing of fruits makes Gemini Vapors a company you'll love.
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  • 100 Grand - Gemini Vapors
    100 Grand - Gemini Vapors   MSRP: 15ml- $12+   Similar to the Cinnamon Toast Crunch breakfast cereal you know and love. Let your taste buds indulge in this vape juice with lots of character. From the delicious cinnamon, to the amazing creaminess of the sweet creams. This juice takes you back to mor..
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  • Adam and Eve - Gemini Vapors
    Adam and Eve - Gemini Vapors   MSRP: 15ml- $12+   Adam and Eve offers the mouth watering experience of a sour green apple that floats a ton of fruit flavor with a crisp cool exhale minus any menthol. This delicious vape juice offers the garden of eden sans the snakes. In terms of sour apple the ext..
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  • Enter The Dragon - Gemini Vapors
    Enter The Dragon - Gemini Vapors   MSRP: 15ml- $12+   Truly a nectar to be enjoyed by those with refined pallets who are capable of processing exactly how deliciously brilliant this blend of peach and strawberry really is. Two ripened sweet fruits blended to create a nirvana of natural sweetness wi..
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  • Koi - Gemini Vapors
    Koi - Gemini Vapors   MSRP: 15ml- $12+   The delicious juiciness of melon gets paired up with the sweet bite of a coconut shards to create Koi. Koi is a tropical fruit blend that helps you escape the coldest of months and picture yourself as part of that beach screensaver you use. Delicious coconut ..
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  • Octo - Gemini Vapors
    Octo - Gemini Vapors   MSRP: 15ml- $12+   A true punch with a kick, this vape juice brings natural tart to new levels of vaping. Blends of grape and blueberries create a sweet but natural tasting mouth watering e-liquid punch flavor you'll keep coming back to over and over again.   Primary Flavors:..
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  • Royalty - Gemini Vapors
    Royalty - Gemini Vapors   MSRP: 15ml- $12+   Pecan rich banana nut bread that tastes like it came straight out of the oven. Vape this hot or cool the flavor will not diminish one bit, strong extracts bring to life on of the most exciting vape liquids to emerge in a long time. Taste it all on the in..
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