HOF E Liquid

HOF E Liquid Wholesale One of the greatest premium lines of vape juice ever created. Built on the principle of excellence and quality, HOF takes some of the greatest recipes in e-liquid and turns them on their head for a tasty result.
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  • Cosmic Razz - HOF E Liquid
    Cosmic Razz - HOF E Liquid Wholesale A mixture of sour raspberry united with a sweet tropical smoothie. If you’re into smoothie flavored e-juice, Cosmic Razz provides a familiar flavor with an original twist.   Primary Flavors: Raspberry, Berries, Smoothie..
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  • Donutman - HOF E Liquid
    Donutman - HOF E Liquid Wholesale  Picture splitting a doughnut down the middle, stuffing it with fresh, ripe strawberries, and drizzling a sweet raspberry syrup on top. That’s exactly what Donutman tastes like. A breakfast lover’s delight, you will not want to pass up a chance to give this e-juice ..
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  • Gummy Snakes - HOF E Liquid
    Gummy Snakes - HOF E Liquid Wholesale We’re sure you can guess what this one is. This candy-flavored e-juice is a blend of your favorite brand of gummy worms from your local convenience store, covered with a thick layer of sweet and sour sugar. Gummy Snakes is a take on the popular gummy flavored e-..
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