Junkie Juice E Liquid

Junkie Juice E Liquid Wholesale Rich flavors that jump out at you. From fruits to desserts to candies you can find a little bit of everything across the line up of products at Junkie Juice E Liquid.
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  • Hype - Junkie Juice E Liquid
    Hype - Junkie Juice E Liquid Wholesale   Hype – Cereal Trifecta (Fruity Pebbles, Fruit Loops, Capt Crunch) by Junkie Juice is a perfect treat for the young at heart. Imagine combining all your favorite cereals into one! Then adding creamy milk at the end! Will not disappoint! A truly great flavour c..
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  • Nitrous - Junkie Juice E Liquid Wholesale   Be amazed with Candy Trifecta - Nitrous by Junkie Juice. It is the Holy Grail of Junkie Juice. Nitrous is a extremely complex flavor which gives you a different flavor in each inhale. Tart Sour in one inhale and within the next intake you get a rush of fru..
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  • Snow - Junkie Juice E Liquid
    Snow - Junkie Juice E Liquid Wholesale   Snow by Junkie Juice gives you a great and amazing combination of sweet and sour to let you feel that summer breeze everyone will enjoy. Watermelon Sour Candy in your favorite frozen drink this season! Cool off with this amazing summer time drink. Great way t..
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  • W.T.M. - Junkie Juice E Liquid Wholesale   Enjoy the freshness and refreshing feel of Watermelon Sour Patch Slushie. A True Watermelon Hard Candy with W.T.M. by Junkie Juice. Our favorite candy growing up. This is one all-day vape you can't get enough of. Great way to celebrate with Junkie Juice!   ..
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