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  • Caramel Almond MYLK - Brewell Vapory
    Caramel Almond MYLK - Brewell Vapory Wholesale   MSRP: 30ml - $22+    The delicious taste of condensed milk paired up with delicious almonds and topped off with a caramel sweetener. MYLK really lives up to the full potential of the profile combination here.   Primary Flavors: Almond, Milk, Caramel  ..
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  • Green Tea MYLK - Brewell Vapory
    Green Tea MYLK - Brewell Vapory Wholesale   This Matcha Tea powered e liquid speaks volumes to how far we've come with mixing flavors. True to life flavor experience that would make your tea cup jealous. A true Matcha Tea Latte flavor unlike anything you've ever tasted before.   Primary Flavors: Tea..
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  • MYLK - Original - Brewell Vapory
    MYLK - Original - Brewell Vapory   MSRP: 30ml - $22+    Product Description: A condensed milk ejuice that is heavy on creaminess, sweetness, and flavor. Tastes like the real thing minus the stickiness. Thick creamy condensed flavor just like mama used to use when baking. Editor's Notes: This was t..
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  • MYLK - Strawberry - Brewell Vapory
    MYLK - Strawberry - Brewell Vapory   MSRP: 30ml - $22+   Product Description: Condensed milk meets strawberry and together they make the best strawberry milk e-juice you will every try in your life. MYLK brought it, MYLK Strawberry simply came along and shut everyone else down. Nectar of the gods i..
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  • MYLK Banana E Liquid - Brewell Vapory
    MYLK Banana E Liquid - Brewell Vapory   MSRP: 30ml - $22+     Mylk is back, this time it teams up with the banana to offer you a new rich flavor experience unlike anything you have ever tasted. The pairing of condensed milk and banana produces a truly marvelous level of creaminess and silky in thi..
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