Original BS E Liquid

Original BS E Liquid Wholesale The original BS believes that everyone is entitled to "Vape like a boss" so they set out to create some of the tastiest juices on the market. With an ever expanding line of blends you are sure to find the boss in you on the exhale of one of their juices.
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  • Apple Crack - Original BS
    Apple Crack - Original BS Wholesale   Smells like Apple Jacks, vapes like Apple Jacks, your mouth and brain will tell you.... it's Apple Jacks. Primary Flavors: Apple, Brown Sugar, Light Cinnamon, Cereal ..
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  • Cap'n Crunk - Original BS
    Cap'n Crunk - Original BS Wholesale   Lovers of the cap'n may end up doing a double take if you vape this within proximity. A creamy replica of the well known cereal. Sorry Cap'n someone had to do it.Primary Flavors: Cream, Cereal..
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  • Custer-Fluck - Original BS
    Custer-Fluck - Original BS Wholesale   Breathe calmly this is not a joke, Original BS managed to blend custard with ice cream. Yes, custard Ice Cream. Get over the excitement and click the add to cart button while this lasts.Primary Flavors: Custard, Ice Cream..
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  • Ratchet - Original BS
    Ratchet - Original BS Wholesale The infusion of marshmallow into a rice treat that crunches along as you vape. Rich and deliciously heavy sweet clouds that fog up a room while leaving your need for a dessert vape completely fulfilled.   Primary Flavors: Rice, Marshmallow  ..
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