Peel E Juice

Peel E Juice Wholesale When innovation takes a hold of your liquid brand  you end up with Peel a vape liquid that features tobacco free nicotine. A cleaner vaping alternative to tobacco based nicotine that doesn't alter the taste of this apple based liquid at all.
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  • Kiwi Peel (Tobacco Free Nicotine) - CRFT Labs
    Kiwi Peel (Tobacco Free Nicotine) - CRFT Labs Wholesale   The rich and juice flavor of kiwi in all of its tarty glory can be found at the heart of this e liquid. A flavor so compelling in its composition that it tastes just like biting into an actual kiwi.   Primary Flavors: Kiwi   PG/VG: 30/70..
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  • Peel (Tobacco Free Nicotine) - Crft Labs
    Peel (Tobacco Free Nicotine) - Crft Labs Wholesale   Time to taste the difference Tobacco Free Nicotine makes! Peel offers a delicious ripe Apple. The tasteless Tobacco Free Nicotine makes Apple Peel taste like the most pure Apple vape you’ve had.   Primary Flavors: Apple   Primary Flavors: 30/70..
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