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Splash Labs Liquids Wholesale Candy flavor galore, the Nurdz brand set out to bring you the same delicious flavors you've come to enjoy from the actual candy. Vape superior candy flavors in this combination of flavor and cloud, Nurdz satisfies the biggest of sweet tooth's.
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  • Nurdz E Liquid
    Nurdz E Liquid   MSRP: 30ml- $22+   Ever had Nerds Candy growing up or as an adult? Remember that feeling of lift the box to your mouth and tilting it your head back to get as much of the candy into your mouth as you could before they'd jam into opening and stop the delicious flow? That's exactly wh..
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  • PeZZ'n E Liquid
    PeZZ'n E Liquid   MSRP: 30ml- $22+   Like a Pez dispenser inside of your vape tank. PeZZ'n delivers a natural candy flavor that tastes just like a candy popped out of the Pez dispenser pack.   Primary Flavors: Candy, Fruit   PG/VG: 30/70..
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