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Sweet Tooth E-Juice Wholesale Sweet Tooth E-Juice combines excellent flavor extracts to create flavor profiles that vape well. From donuts to cereal to fruits, Sweet Tooth E-Juice rises to the challenge to keep your coil juiced and your taste buds dancing.
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  • Cheat Day - Sweet Tooth E-Juice
    Cheat Day - Sweet Tooth E-Juice   MSRP: 30ml - $20+   Like stuffing a baker into your tank and demanding they make you freshly baked chocolate glazed donuts all day long. Decadence has never been more accessible, Cheat Day makes it easy to get your chocolate fix and the flavor of a fresh donut with..
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  • Delish - Sweet Tooth E-Juice
    Delish - Sweet Tooth E-Juice   MSRP: 15ml- $12+ 30ml - $20+ 120ml- $65+   A tribute to the root beer floats of yesteryear, Delish dresses up a tall glass of root beer with two scoops of vanilla ice cream. Don't mind us if you start looking for nickles and jukeboxes while you vape this.   Primary Fl..
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  • Loopy - Sweet Tooth E-Juice
    Loopy - Sweet Tooth E-Juice   MSRP: 30ml - $20+   The Taste of your favorite morning cereal minus the bowl and spoon. Carry breakfast memories along the day with the flavor of this fruit loop flavored cereal. Rich fruit flavors blend into a varied fruit base that offers the lingering deliciousness y..
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  • Luscious - Sweet Tooth E-Juice
    Luscious - Sweet Tooth E-Juice   MSRP: 30ml - $20+   Like a lemon meringue pie straight out of grandma's oven. Delicious pie that melts in your mouth leaving behind subtle notes that provide a rich body of flavors to tide you over until your next vape.   Primary Flavors: Lemon, Meringue, Pie   PG/V..
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  • Sugar Rush - Sweet Tooth E-Juice
    Sugar Rush - Sweet Tooth E-Juice   MSRP: 30ml - $20+   All hands on deck yelled the Captain as he sunk his spoon into his self branded bowl of cereal. Ahoy berries that crunch sink into your milky davey jones locker. This delicious cereal tastes like the cereal you've known your entire life, and ca..
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