The Kings Juice

The Kings Juice Wholesale When the average vape liquid just won't do, only the nectar fit for a king should touch your precious Japanese cotton. Walk and vape as royalty with a line of vape liquid that stands above and hold court with amazing flavor profiles.
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  • Empire - The Kings Juice
    Empire - The Kings Juice Wholesale   No longer must you sit down to enjoy a bowl of this famous apple based cereal with notes of spice and cinnamon. Empire really brings the flavors of Apple Jax to your vape without the need for a spoon or bowl. Strong rich flavor that lasts all day and beyond.   Pr..
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  • Reign - The Kings Juice
    Reign - The Kings Juice Wholesale   A smooth sherbet gelato consisting of lychee berries floating over a milky and creamy base that combine perfectly to create a very unique experience unlike any gelato you've ever enjoyed.   Primary Flavors: Gelato, Lychee, Milk   PG/VG: 30/70..
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  • Royalty Taffy - The Kings Juice
    Royalty Taffy - The Kings Juice Wholesale   Walk in the shoes of Kings with this delicious vape liquid. Royalty comes infused with exotic berries, sweet raspberry, and tropical grape. This is not your ordinary blend, this is a taffy experience.   Primary Flavors: Berries, Raspberry, Grape   PG/VG: 3..
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  • Supreme - The Kings Juice
    Supreme - The Kings Juice Wholesale   Take your morning treat on the go with you. Supreme turns your vape set up into a toaster that pops out a morning pastry full of rich blueberry notes wrapped in a nice dough and topped off with great vanilla icing.   Primary Flavors: Blueberry, Pastry, Icing   P..
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  • Throne - The Kings Juice
    Throne - The Kings Juice Wholesale   Rich sweet honeydew melon sliced and pulped to be mixed into the perfect ice cream base that compliments this relaxing vape juice full of sweetness without over the top fillers. Straight up a fruity ice cream that does not hold back.   Primary Flavors: Honeydew, ..
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