VGOD Tricklyfe E Liquids

VGOD Tricklyfe E Liquids Wholesale By the trickster himself, VGOD Tricklyfe E Liquids brings you exactly the level of blends to rip flavorful clouds and create the thick clouds needed to get your trick off.
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  • Blue Dream - VGOD Tricklyfe eLiquids
    Blue Dream - VGOD Tricklyfe eLiquids Wholesale   Freshly harvested blueberries coupled with electric citrus tart. This brilliantly crafted eliquid is the perfect balance between two deliciously distinct flavors.   Primary Flavors: Citrus, Blueberry..
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  • Dewbie - VGOD Tricklyfe eLiquids
    Dewbie - VGOD Tricklyfe eLiquids Wholesale   An exquisite creation of juicy honeydew melons topped with custards and whipped cream. So smooth and creamy yet highlighted with unmistakable melon will have you craving this all day long!   Primary Flavors: Honeydew, Whipped Cream..
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  • Luscious - VGOD Tricklyfe eLiquids
    Luscious - VGOD Tricklyfe eLiquids Wholesale   If you've got a sweet tooth yet a craving for something refreshingly delicious, try Luscious by VGOD! A satisfyingly super-sweet Watermelon candy sure to have you licking your lips with every puff!   Primary Flavors: Watermelon, Candy..
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  • LushIce - VGOD Tricklyfe eLiquids
    LushIce - VGOD Tricklyfe eLiquids Wholesale   A sweet, juicy watermelon juice coupled with an icy menthol blend. VGOD's popular "Luscious" flavor but with a refreshingly menthol kick!   Primary Flavors: Menthol, Watermelon..
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  • Tornad-o - VGOD Tricklyfe eLiquids
    Tornad-o - VGOD Tricklyfe eLiquids Wholesale   A traditional fruity cereal blended to delicious perfection. Inhale fruity cereal bites and exhale a refreshingly sweet and milky flavor.   Primary Flavors: Cereal, Milk, Fruit..
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  • Vngel - VGOD Tricklyfe eLiquids
    Vngel - VGOD Tricklyfe eLiquids Wholesale   Giant, plump strawberries dipped in sweet whipped cream. The perfect flavor for any desert lover!   Primary Flavors: Whipped Cream, Strawberry..
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