Vubble Vapor E Liquid

Vubble Vapor E Liquid Wholesale Bubble your vape, or vape your bubble. Regardless of how you view the process your vapor will be a magic bubble of gum goodness. Vubble Vapor has set out to make gum and vaping less boring and has ultimately done both in with their line of vape juice.
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  • Blue Razz - Vubble Vapor
    Blue Razz - Vubble Vapor Wholesale   What can be better than gum? How about a blue raspberry gum that just takes over your vape and taste buds like nothing you've ever tasted has. That's what this new e liquid from Vubble delivers.   Primary Flavors: Gum, Blue Raspberry..
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  • Sour Green Apple - Vubble Vapor
    Sour Green Apple - Vubble Vapor Wholesale   Vubble delivers another banger for you flavor chasers. This sour green apple flavor delivers a ton of flavor and keeps you wanting to vape this liquid more and more after your initial puff.   Primary Flavors: Gum, Green Apple..
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  • Strawberry - Vubble Vapor
    Strawberry - Vubble Vapor Wholesale   MSRP: 30ml- $16.99 60ml- $25.99   You might feel inclined to blow out your vapor and expect a bubble to form, don't worry if it doesn't. Its just your taste buds and your mind finding itself under the impression you are chewing actual gum. This strawberry gum f..
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  • Watermelon - Vubble Vapor
    Watermelon - Vubble Vapor Wholesale   MSRP: 30ml- $16.99 60ml- $25.99   Enough watermelon to make Gallagher proud or envious. Vubble Vapor not only delivers a bubblegum flavor, they make it exceptionally flavorful in the process. No longer will you suffer from flavor loss, you can now vape on a gum ..
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