Wisconsin Dairy Co.

Wisconsin Dairy Co. Wholesale When stellar vapor production and savory flavors are your goal, grab a bottle of Wisconsin Dairy Co. and puff away. True high grade e liquid with a company that strives to offer you unique consistency.
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  • Banana Split - Wisconsin Dairy Co.
    Banana Split - Wisconsin Dairy Co. Wholesale A classic sundae topped with pineapple, strawberry, and chocolate! A must try for any lover of this legendary treat. You simply will not be able to put down your vape. *Sold in Packs of 5   Primary Flavors: Vanilla, Banana, Ice Cream, Strawberry, Pine..
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  • Berries N’ Cream - Wisconsin Dairy Co.
    Berries N' Cream - Wisconsin Dairy Co. Wholesale A summertime treat of mixed berries covered with a dollop of whipped cream! A gathering of the berries at the cream club with lots of dancing and twirling. A fun e liquid that pits the party front and center making your taste buds the DJ that guides t..
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  • Chocolate Milk - Wisconsin Dairy Co.
    Chocolate Milk - Wisconsin Dairy Co. Wholesale This rich chocolate milk tastes just like it came out of a cardboard carton! If you walked over to the fridge right now, grabbed a carton of milk and attempted to create your own chocolate milk you would fail miserably by comparison to this e liquid. Th..
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  • Pistachio Ice Cream - Wisconsin Dairy Co.
    Pistachio Ice Cream - Wisconsin Dairy Co. Wholesale   Pistachio infused right into the heart of a vanilla ice cream. The perfect blend of smooth and bold, two flavors that fight each other for dominance and yet when vaped make a great marriage. *Sold in Packs of 5    Primary Flavors: Pistachio, Van..
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  • Root Beer Float - Wisconsin Dairy Co.
    Root Beer Float - Wisconsin Dairy Co. Wholesale   An effervescent root beer with a scoop of premium vanilla ice cream! Float your beer of root into the waves of rich ice cream flavor and create a tsunami of flavors. Long lasting flavor pairings that might force you to double take every time you tak..
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  • Shamrock - Wisconsin Dairy Co.
    Shamrock - Wisconsin Dairy Co. Wholesale   A cool minty and creamy shamrock milkshake! Vanilla ice cream paired with mint flavors to create a true Shamrock vape experience. No longer must you suffer the months between this great flavor, you can now be the envy of everyone else and turn Shamrock into..
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