Quick Light Hookah Coals

Quick lighting coals are the most popular coals for most hookah enthusiasts because of their convenience.  Quick lighting coals infuse a fast burning coating into the coals so that they can be lit with a basic lighter.  These coals will begin to spark and should be ready to use in less than a minute.  Hookah Wholesalers is committed to only offering the highest quality quick lighting coals that last longer and burn cleaner than cheap imitations that use harsh chemicals and low quality coal.
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  • Easy-Lite - Exotica Charcoal
    Exotica Easy-Lite coals are tasteless, odorless coals that can be lit with a few seconds of flame from a lighter. Their square shape give good bowl coverage and flat bottoms prevent them from easily slipping off the bowl. A box contains 96 pieces of easy-lite charcoal LOG IN..
    Ex Tax: $18.00 $18.00
  • Silver Flint Coals - 60 piece box of Japanese style charcoals
    The Japanese style Silver Flint coals bridge the gap between quick lighting and natural coals. They last longer than most quick lighting coals, and are more convenient than traditional wood coals. Though some customers have trouble finding the right balance for these coals, Silver Flint has loyal..
    Ex Tax: $4.50 $4.50