Beamer Gel Ice Drops & Lifted Nicotine Gel

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  • Beamer Hookah Gel Ice Drops - 100g Jar
    Now the great taste of Beamer hookah gel Ice Drops are available in 100 gram jars; same great taste and big clouds, just more! Beamer Ice Drops are a flavor infused, glycerin-based gel that serves up great flavor and really big vapor clouds. Completely tobacco free and containing no nicotine, Ice Dr..
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  • Beamer Hookah Gel Ice Drops - 50g Jar
    Beamer Gel Ice Drops are a new tobacco and nicotine free product that offer a great substitute to the traditional shisha tobacco smoking experience. Comprised of flavor infused glycerin, Ice Drops work just like hookah tobacco, except that they produce vapor instead of smoke. For the hookah enthusia..
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  • Lifted Hookah Nicotine Gel - 50g
    Straight from Detroit, USA, Beamer has created their newest variety of gel shisha: Beamer Lifted hookah nicotine gel. Any fan of non-tobacco shisha will love the great taste and big clouds that Beamer shisha gels produce; plus, Lifted adds the nicotine buzz that one gets from many shisha tobacco ble..
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