Khalil Mamoon Hookahs

Khalil Mamoon Hookahs are famous for their authentic and artful designs, large hoses, and wide interior tubing and hose ports that allow for excellent air-flow. Adding Khalil Mamooh hookahs to your bar will ensure that your hookahs last for years while communicating to your customers that your hookah lounge is the an authentic hookah destination. Your customers will puff the biggest clouds you have ever seen and that will keep them coming back. Selling KM hookahs in your store will establish your business as an athority for authentic, high quality hookah products, because the name brand is the biggest name in the hookah industry around the world. Traditional hookah smokers demand them, and new hookah smokers aspire to own them.
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  • Khalil Mamoon - 1001 Nights Double Ice Hookah
    Khalil Mamoon 1001 Nights Double Ice Hookah The Khalil Mamoon 1001 Nights Double Ice Hookah towers at 39" tall. This massive hookah utilizes an ice tray just underneath the hookah bowl that works as a coolant for the smoke as it moves from the bowl and through the downstem, making your smoke session..
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  • Khalil Mamoon - Alomdah Ice Hookah
    Khalil Mamoon Alomdah Ice Hookah Standing atop a silver-striped glass base, this 35" tall hookah is head turning cloud machine that will help make all your hookah dreams come true! Maybe that's a bit far, but this is one of our favorite Khalil Mamoon's. It's tall, it's sleek, it's beautifully built ..
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  • Khalil Mamoon - Anubis Hookah
    Khalil Mamoon Anubis Hookah The 34" tall Khalil Mamoon Anubis hookah is a beautifully handmade Egyptian style hookah pipe, featuring a stout central piece with hand-etched designs on it. The Anubis comes with a glass base, an Egyptian hookah bowl, and a 72" long Egyptian style hookah hose. Made of s..
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  • Khalil Mamoon - Aphelion Hookah
    Khalil Mamoon Aphelion Hookah Named for the point at which a celestial object is furthest away from the sun during its orbit, smokers will certainly orbit this hookah very closely! The Khalil Mamoon Aphelion hookah is a collaboration between Khalil Mamoon and Starbuzz, so don't be surprised when the..
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  • Khalil Mamoon - Apiary Hookah
    Khalil Mamoon Apiary Hookah How sweet it is to have a hookah as amazing as the Khalil Mamoon Apiary! This 33" tall handmade Egyptian style hookah is a figurative honeycomb of great features! Made with stainless-steel, the Apiary is highly durable and will never suffer from rust or corrosion! It feat..
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  • Khalil Mamoon - Black Double Pear Ice Short Hookah
    Khalil Mamoon Double Black Pear Ice Short Hookah Although they call it a "short," it is anything but short. The Double Black Pear Ice Short hookah towers, standing at 38" tall, and will be an excellent addition to any hookah lounge or retail store's inventory. Made of stainless-steel and featuring h..
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