Starbuzz Hookah Stems and Hookahs

Starbuzz is one of the biggest names in hookah! After years of dominating the domestic premium shisha market, Starbuzz has expanded into making hookahs, accessories and charcoals. These Starbuzz hookah stems are American made and feature the finest design and materials on the market. Starbuzz hookah pipes come in a variety of sizes and definitely stand out. Starbuzz Hookahs are a great way to build customer loyalty to the brand and keep them coming back to you as the source of all things Starbuzz!
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  • Starbuzz Neutrino (1 hose) Hookah
    13 inch tall mini hookah from Starbuzz Available Base Colors: Black, Blue, Red..
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  • Starbuzz Unicus Hookah Pipe
    Please click the pictures below for a close up. Blue Base RedBase Purple Base Black Base Green Base Pink Base Black and Purple Base Black and Red Base Blue and Green Base Blue and Orange Base Red and Orange Base Yellow and Green Base - Lounge owners and retailers alike love this hookah! First of all..
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  • Starbuzz USA Hookah Stems
    Starbuzz USA hookah stems are all-American made hookah shafts that visibly display their quality. Made from the finest materials and finished to perfection, Starbuzz shafts serve up a hookah smoking experience like no other hookah stem out there. Starting with the finish, Starbuzz USA stems are made..
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