Egyptian Hookahs

Egyptian hookahs are the most popular hookahs world-wide because of their durability, traditional styling, and unparalleled "smokeability". Hookah Wholesalers is the largest manufacturer and distributor of the highest quality Egyptian hookah pipes on the market - GUARANTEED! Hookah Wholesalers manufactures Egyptian hookahs with 100% surgical grade stainless steel to produce hookah pipes that last a lifetime. The hookah shaft is hand-lathed in the traditional style by experience Egyptian artisans. Our collection of exotic glass bases allow our customers to choose from a wide range of hookahs in a variety of colors and styles. Your customers will love the flexibility in size, design, color and price! Hookah Wholesalers now offers 5 hookah base varieties (Bell, Decorated Bell, Genie, Pyramid and Luxor) and 4 hookah hose options (Washable, Mod, Cobra and Nammor) with our Egyptian hookahs.
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  • Black Dynasty Hookah - 1 Hose
    Black Dynasty Egyptian Style Hookah The gorgeous 34" tall Black Dynasty hookah pipe is a wonderful addition to any hookah lounge! The contrasting steely silver, black, and gold adornments make this Egyptian style hookah pipe look amazing. It comes with the glass base, Egyptian hookah bowl, and Egypt..
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  • Furat Hookah - 1 Hose
    Height: 16 inches Hose: Washable Bowl: Egyptian Clay bowl Base Options: Bell Base Colors: Black, Blue, Green, Red Get 10 Free Furat Hookahs Place an order of $2000 or more for $400 (retail value) of hookahs Coupon Code: 10Furat2000 Furat MSRP: $39.99 10 X $39.99 = $399.00 of 100% Profit To provide..
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  • Gold Scale Double Hookah - 1 Hose
    Gold Scale Double Egyptian Style Hookah Two's company with this handsome 27" tall Egyptian style Gold Scale Double hookah pipe. A smaller version of the larger Gold Scale Triple, this hookah features beautiful hand-etched detailing around the hub and hose port. The Gold Scale Double hookah comes wit..
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  • Gold Scale Triple Hookah - 1 Hose
    Gold Scale Triple Egyptian Style Hookah Two's company but three's a party! The Gold Scale Triple hookah pipe is a beautiful handmade Egyptian style hookah that is built to last! Standing 28" tall and made from stainless-steel, the Gold Scale Triple comes with a glass base, an Egyptian hookah bowl, a..
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  • Hookah Lounge Package Deal
    The Smoker's Patio Package Deal Maybe you want to start a hookah business, maybe you need to expand your current business, or maybe you just want some fresh new hookahs in your hookah bar. Regardless of where you are in the hookah buying spectrum, this package deal offers huge value for any hookah c..
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  • King Tut Hookah - 1 Hose
    King Tut Egyptian Hookahs This beast is a robust performer that will last for years in a commercial hookah bar setting. This hookah is just like the Pharaoh, but it has an extra 4 inches of height. That makes this one of our tallest hookahs and a favorite for hookah lounge owners and retailers who..
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