E-Cig Accessories

We sell a wide variety of electronic cigarette parts from brands such as Fantasia, Joye Evic, eGo-T, Puff, E-Tonic, Xhale. We stock batteries, carrying cases, lanyards, drip tips and blister packs.
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  • AW IMR Rechargeable E-Cig Battery
    Please click the pictures below for a close up. 18350 18500 18650 14500 When it comes to rechargeable batteries for mechanical mods, the AW IMR battery does the job better than any other e-cig battery. AW IMR batteries are specifically designed to deliver steady power, as opposed to the voltage surg..
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  • Drago Premium Cotton - 25mg
    Drago Premium Cotton is the best cotton available for custom mod vapers and mech mod e-cig builders. 100% organic, non-bleached, sterile, and highly absorbent. LOG IN..
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  • Ego Twist Variable Voltage Battery 900mAh - Black
    The eGo-C Twist 900 mAh battery adds extra life to your e-cig, and yet is only 3/4 inches longer than the standard (stock) 650mAh battery. This high quality lithium battery allows you to adjust your voltage rate from 3.2V - 4.8V, enabling taylor made draws and perfect tasting vapor clouds. Compatibl..
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  • eGo-T E-Cig Battery - 650 mAh
    Blue Green Pink Silver Red eGo batteries are the backbone of the e-cig industry. Whatever the name stenciled on most refillable electronic cigarettes that use a clearomizer, they are using the eGo thread. This means that the eGo 650 mAh e-cig battery will work as a replacement for eGo, Fantasia, Puf..
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  • eGo-T E-Cig Battery - 900 mAh
    Red Silver The eGo-T 900 mAh electronic cigarette battery delivers 8 hours of smooth power per charge, at 3.3V. eGo batteries are the industry standard, and the thread on this battery will work with any ecig using an eGo or 510 thread, which includes most ecigarettes manufactured by eGo, Puff, Fanta..
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  • IJOY eGo-C Twist 1300mAh Battery
    Blue Red Silver The IJOY eGo-C Twist 1300mAh electronic cigarette battery offers upsuperior battery life, at a very nice price. Besides longer battery life (up to 12 hours of continuous use per charge), a higher mAh (milliamp hour) rating also results in longer consistent power levels, meaning that ..
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