E-Cig Starter Kits & Blister Packs

We sell a wide variety of electronic cigarettes, both individually and as starter packs, from brands such as Fantasia, Joye Evic, eGo-T, Puff, E-Tonic, Xhale. Blister packs including USB charger, cartomizers and e-cig batteries.
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  • E-Tonic Vape 1100mAh
    Black Blue Red White Green Pink Purple The E-Tonic Vape 1100mAh e-cig is one of our most popular models. combining a 1.6ml CE4 clearomizer with an 1100mAh e-cigarette battery, and including an USB charger, the Tonic Vape has everything needed to get your vaper up and running. The 1100mAh E-Tonic bat..
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  • eGo-T Electronic Cigarette
    The best selling eGo-T E-cigarette is a highly rated refillable electronic cigarette sold in an easily displayed blister pack that includes a USB charging cable. EGo-T users will enjoy smooth, thick clouds of E-Liquid vapor in a variety of strengths and flavors through this rechargeable E-cig. Each ..
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  • IJOY EVOD 1100mAh E-Cig Starter Kit
    Please click the pictures below for a close up. The IJOY EVOD 1100mAh e-cig starter kit is perfect for the customer who is looking for high performance vaping at a reasonable price. Powered  by an 1100mAh variable voltage battery and an EVOD bottom coil clearomizer, your customer will be able to fin..
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  • IJOY EVOD 650mAh Starter Kit
    Please click the pictures below for a close up. The IJOY EVOD 650mAh starter pack provides high end e-cig performance at a very moderate price. Featuring an EVOD bottom coil cartomizer and a variable voltage 650mAh battery, the IJOY EVOD starter kit is both compact and powerful. The package also inc..
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  • IJOY iArt Starter Kit
    Please click the pictures below for a close up. The IJOY iArt lives up to its name, offering up a truly unique and beautiful looking e-hookah. The entire body of the iArt e-cig is a 7ml e-liquid tank, which looks really cool; plus, that's a huge tank! The battery and cartomizer go in a tube in the c..
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  • Innokin Cool Fire II Starter Kit
    When your customer is ready to step up to some serious vaping performance, it's time for the Innokin Cool Fire II mechanical mod. Besides being the coolest looking e-cig out there the CoolFire also serves up a big ol' stack of control options, including variable voltage AND variable wattage. The Coo..
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