Shisha Tobacco

Hookah Wholesalers is the best and most reliable place to buy shisha tobacco wholesale. We guarantee the lowest hookah tobacco wholesale prices for all brands, flavors and sizes of shisha tobacco anywhere! We recognize the different needs of retailers and hookah lounges.  In order to provide the best selection for all customers, we offer wide variety of wholesale shisha in 100 gram tins, 250 gram jars, 500 gram cartons and kilogram tubs. Hookah Tobacco Wholesale Tips for Retailers: As a tobacco retailer, the 500 gram cartons, 100 and 250 gram jars are the best sellers.  The 500 gram carton holds ten 50g boxes that are great for customers to try multiple flavors before committing to a larger jar.  Hookah customers come back week after week wanting to try new flavors, so by carrying as many flavors as possible you keep them coming back to your store looking for their new favorite flavor.  Experienced hookah smokers will purchase their favorite flavors in 100 or 250 gram containers for the extra value the larger size offers. Wholesale Shisha Tobacco Tips for Hookah Lounges: Hookah lounges and cafes tend to use the 250 gram jars and the kilogram tubs.  Each hookah serving is about  10-15 grams of hookah tobacco.  Lounge owners can expect to get 15 or more servings from the 250 gram container and 60 or more from each kilos. See our shisha alternatives here if you'd like to expand your vape and tobacco-free shisha options. *Note: We only wholesale shisha tobacco to registered businesses. Additional discounts available on large orders. If you are looking for individual/personal use, please go to Hookah and Shisha Central for Shisha / Hookah Tobacco