Al Fakher Shisha Tobacco

Al Fakher tobacco is the most recognized brand of hookah tobacco world wide. Al Fakher shisha offers mostly traditional flavors that reflect their traditional roots. Al Fakher hookah tobacco is manufactured in Dubai and distributed around the world in 500g cartons, 250 gram tubs and 1 Kilogram tubs for use in retail tobacco stores as well as hookah cafes. Al Fakher offers a balance of value and quality which gives this brand of hookah tobacco a big advantage in commercial settings.
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  • Al Fakher 250g Tubs
    Al Fakher 250 gram Jar One of the most well known and most reliable flavors in the world, Al Fakher shisha tobacco offers up dozens of classic and tasty flavors of shisha tobacco. These 250g boxes are a great option for you to stock up on the more popular flavors you sell. The bags the tobacco comes..
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  • Al Fakher 500g Carton
    Al Fakher 500g Carton The Al Fakher 500 gram carton is a 10 pack of 50g boxes, an excellent way to give your customers a variety of flavors to chose from. Al Fakher is one of the most well known and well regarded brands of shisha tobacco around the world, so go ahead and stock up on some of your bes..
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  • Al Fakher 50g Boxes
    Al Fakher 50g Boxes of Shisha TobaccoAl Fakher Hookah Tobacco is one of the best known brands of shisha tobacco in the world. Made in the United Arab Emirates, this high-grade tobacco is widely regarded for consistent quality in both flavor, smoke, and bang-for-your-buck. Buying wholesale Al Fakher ..
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  • Al Fakher Herbal Shisha 200g Jar
    Al Fakher Herbal Shisha 200g Known the world over for quality shisha for a great price, Al Fakher has developed a line of completely tobacco-free and nicotine-free shisha. Available in a number of delicious flavors that carry the same consistently solid tastes Al Fakher is known for, this herbal shi..
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  • Al Fakher Special Edition 250g Tins
    Al Fakher Special Edition 250g Tins Al Fakher has long been the hookah industry standard for shisha tobacco. Their line up of traditional flavors was never flashy, but almost always delivered a solid product that produced thick smoke and great flavor. The new wave of Al Fakher is now available, feat..
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