Romman Shisha Tobacco

Romman Premium Shisha is the highest quality hookah tobacco on the market.  Each batch of Romman is hand-made in Jordan using only the highest quality tobacco leaves and all natural ingredients.  This focus on high quality ingredients gives Romman the longest lasting and most flavorful shisha experience.  Romman is available in over 45 varieties with new flavors coming to market each year.  Romman is the preferred shisha of experienced hookah connoisseurs because of its overall commitment to quality.  Romman Premium Shisha is available in 50 gram, 125 gram, 250 gram, 500 gram and kilogram containers.
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  • Romman 125g Tin
    The 125 gram tin is an excellent product for shisha tobacco retailers. The stylish packaging and resealable pouches are great selling features. Hookah fans love the value while retailers enjoy the increased sales volume. New Flavors for 2013 Bay Breeze Berry Crush Sour Kiss Available Flavors: Almo..
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  • Romman 250g Tin
    Romman Shisha Tobacco prevails as the highest quality shisha tobacco on the market today. Romman tobacco uses natural flavorings, grade A tobacco leaves, and pure honey to create an incredibly smooth shisha with thick smoke and rich flavor. The Romman 250g tin holds enough shisha for 15-20 serving..
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  • Romman 500g Carton
    Romman Hookah Tobacco was the first premium shisha to come to the American market. Romman offers 46 premium flavors including their newest addition, Kiwi Blast. Romman shisha is the most popular premium shisha with experienced hookah smokers because of its balance of sweetness and flavor with its fu..
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  • Romman 50g Box
    Each 50 gram box of Romman shisha holds 3 to 5 servings of thick, puffy, deliciousness. These boxes fly off the shelves as your hookah customers sample their way to their next favorite flavor. Available Flavors: Almond Apple Apple Cinnamon Banana Banana Split Berry Breeze Blackberry Blueberry Cappu..
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  • Romman Shisha 1000g
    8 x 125g Pouches of Romman Shisha Tobacco..
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